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short story

"The one who plants a garden, plants happiness"

                                        Chinese proverb



Come to find especially US!


We, are my parents , Denise and Jean-Joseph who contribute to your daily happiness, Mame, for her good humor, her generosity, her extraordinary fishing, her good little dishes, Pape , for his passion for the garden, his help precious for planting, watering, pruning, DIY and for its originality, sometimes disconcerting for his great age, Noe for all his ideas, his toolbox, his ingenuity, his energy and his concerts, Jerome , for his support outstanding, his generosity, his strength and his unwavering support, my lifelong friends , for their moral support and their participation, my network of friends who follows me every day.

WE, are also Christophe , for his open-mindedness, his curiosity, for his help in maintaining the estate every week and during the planting period, Yann , for his kindness, for his technical support at CIVAM, Pascal, for his advice, his precious help, Dorian for his good ideas, his reactivity and his tractor, Eric and Anthony, my two beekeeping tutors or rather my dear HAPPY -CULTEURS, always there when needed, Gigi and Marlène for their expertise and their generosity, Florian and Julie from the communication agency, Happiness for their training and professionalism, Laure and Romain from the web agency Quin té ba , for their coaching, all those who contribute to the adventure on a daily basis , sorry if I forget, and YOU , who trust us and who book stays at the estate!






After many years of traveling the world for the company  Air France, I  put my luggage in this little corner of paradise, in Béarn, in Navarrenx, close to the Basque Country, between Pau and Biarritz, the ideal place to relax and perfect to disconnect from the hectic life of Paris . 

This place is O Petit BOnheur, OPB for friends, and this stopover, I know it well! All my summer holidays, I spent them here, on this  wine estate which belonged to my grandparents for generations and I took the opportunity to discover Béarn, the Landes, the Basque Country and the north of Spain, always looking for good plans, original activities, good spots on the Basque or Landes coast, good gourmet addresses to enjoy life with my friends, passing through the house.

My passions: Curious by nature, hyperactive family, I have been passionate since small  for the natural garden, healthy food, squash, horses (thank you my grandparents!) skiing in the Pyrenees ,  travel, decoration, architecture, photography, fashion, contemporary art, Solex and 4L. Music punctuates my daily life. With Noé, my 14 year old son, we have a rock group in which I sing while accompanying myself on the keyboard and he is on the drums.

For more than 3 years, I have been practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation and I am a fan!

A new life

It was at the age of 50 that I decided to live a dream that fully corresponds to my values: Vivre  here, close to mine, to revive the family estate to enhance it, to share with you my love for le Sud-Ouest  and flourish with  all these passions to pass on to you.  

This is the beginning of a great adventure around permaculture, bees and orchards!

Since March 2019, I have been carrying out the agricultural part of the project with organic market gardening, a giant vegetable garden to supply a guest table. I acquired many training courses to develop myself and enhance my land, helped by the CIVAM Béarn and the Chamber of Agriculture in Pau.

2020 was oriented towards the development of the tourist part (obvious with my background!) with in 2021, the opening of The Unusual room and the outdoor facilities to open the place  to events. For more than a year, OPB has been a partner of all agricultural high schools, vocational training centers, the University of Pau and two business schools in Béarn for the opening to the public in 2023 of an educational trail dedicated to safeguarding of biodiversity.

So stay connected on social networks to follow the OPB adventure!

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