food & DRINK

"Good food and good wine is heaven on earth"

                                                                                                                                        Henry IV



Discover all the fresh products grown organically in our diverse vegetable gardens, at our table or in baskets, by reservation


ECOCERT certified seasonal fruits and vegetables


Traditional cuisine prepared with passion by Denise , small simmered dishes, specialties from Béarn or elsewhere. Its revisited omelet will leave you an indescribable memory ...


Creative, healthy cuisine for balanced meals, offered by Nathalie


Some evenings, themed dinners , by candlelight, are organized, in the country chic spirit


Tastings of organic wines and meals or country picnics, to highlight our productions as well as those of local producers



main dish dessert without wine 20 euros / pers

CHILD MENU 12 euros


Mixed plates 12 euros


AND many other good things await you ...

PETIT Déjeuner

Il sera servi dans le loft , dans l'atelier au coin du feu ou en plein air, sur la terrasse, vue sur le verger, selon vos envies et en fonction des saisons. Laissez- vous surprendre par Irène & Marie-Louise, nos adorables brebis d'Ouessant !

Composé de bon pain  , de confitures "made with love" by Denise , de notre délicieux miel, de fruits de saison, de jus de pomme de notre verger engagé en agriculture biologique , le tout accompagné de thés, tisanes ou roiboos pour vous régaler .

Le petit déjeuner restera pour votre expérience, un moment original, savoureux, sain & bio,  pour faire le plein d'énergie avec tous les jours des petites surprises !

Si vous séjournez plusieurs jours, nous vous proposerons des jus variés, des fruits de saison, des miels de nos amis apiculteurs, , des pains faits avec passion par nos artisans de Navarrenx., tous les jours, votre repas du matin sera différent , une occasion de découvrir tous nos produits et les spécialités des producteurs locaux.

Shakes fruits
bol de fruits
Tasse de thé
régime équilibré
Petit-déjeuner sain

Feel like sweets to enjoy by the pool:


freshly squeezed juice,

organic herbal teas or just coffee,

bali bowls,

a piece of cake for the day,

orchard fruit,

a basket of our products simmered for you in our family kitchen


Do not hesitate to ask us for the menu , every day, we offer healthy snacks, little things to snack on for those who are hungry!



If you are staying for several days, it will be possible to order, for example, a chicken from our neighboring farm, raised in the old way or another dish, around a pretty table carefully decorated by Nathalie, always in a country chic atmosphere!







By reservation, some evenings during the week or at weekends, we invite you to discover our specialties from France and Navarre.


Traditional cuisine revisited by Denise. All the products offered are grown in our garden, processed by us. We are locavores, we favor short circuits, always in the spirit of consuming better and in a reasoned way.


Creative and "healthy" cuisine is offered by Nathalie with gluten-free dishes, organic cuisine accompanied by wines from producers selected for their environmentally friendly approaches.