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Zero Waste Approach
but not only...

  • ECOCERT respect the environment as much as possible , for our organic fruits and vegetables

  • Products from organic farming or reasoned

  • Locavores , artisans and producers in short circuit

  • Products good for our health and therefore for yours!

  • Led bulbs and a wood stove

  • Responsible renovation

  • Water recovery for the garden



  • No more plastic ! No more plastic bottles in the room

  • We transform

  • We reuse ... love recycling

  • Compost for the garden .

  • Organic manure

  • Mowing grass

  • Two ecological mowers









  • For your well-being and your health , we use natural products in the bathroom without paraben.

Fan of the Slow Cosmétique label


Soaps Le Moly by Jennifer in Pau Shampoos Mizanu by Chloé in Oloron St Marie

  • For outdoor showers, in the great outdoors, biodegradable shampoo soap

  • For the swimming pool, an ecological salt system









  • Hives with sweet bees for a year. Not only can you taste their honey for breakfast, but you can also get to know them with us.

  • Honey plants in the meadows for them

  • Birdhouses and insect hotels in our gardens

  • Natural hedges

  • Maintained streams and forest paths




Nature friendly

zero waste

hygiene & health by Nathalie

Currently in the midst of a health crisis, it is important to show you how much I have attached since the beginning of the adventure, total respect towards my clientele by bringing you maximum transparency as to the operation of our guest house. You will find, at the bottom of the page, all the protocol implemented at home to receive you safely. This protocol may evolve depending on government measures.


  • I was trained in 2019 by the Union of Professions and Hospitality Industries, the UMIH in Pau, in food hygiene (HACCP), compulsory training since October 1, 2012 for restaurateurs as well as for the permit to 'exploitation. After a long career at Air France, therefore very confronted with these problems of hygiene and public health on planes, it seemed essential to me as to you, to obtain a maximum of qualifications to welcome you in optimal conditions, with rules that comply with the regulations

This certificate and the permit are therefore available on request, they are, for all, a guarantee of security



  • When MIAM MIAM DODO , the bible of pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela, contacted me to adhere to the Charter against bedbugs , I of course said YES! Indeed, confronted for years by my travels, with the so-called vector animals, it was unthinkable for our hosts, not to find an adapted protocol, to make barrier to all these insects which bring to the man diseases. For reasons of hygiene and public health, I therefore planned a protocol for the homeless so that no small animal arrives in your rooms. I will have the opportunity to speak to you orally or in my posts on this protocol against input insects, to talk to you about Lyme disease transmitted by insects, mainly ticks, since I myself am very involved in associations



  • Concerning the agricultural part of my project, I followed the compulsory training for farmers, even in organic farming, which concerns all phytosanitary products. The Certiphyto is an individual and nominative certificate which aims to reduce the use of these famous phyto products, while continuing to ensure a high level of production both in quantity and in quality. You can imagine that, given my way of seeing biodynamic agriculture, and my passive family of organic avant-gardists, this very interesting internship more than comforted me in my way of driving orchards, vegetable gardens and meadows: no intensive cultivation, on the other hand, agroforestry, horse droppings and horse droppings!



Since the start of the confinement linked to Covid 19, we have made the choice not to open our house, we avoid going out, we respect health regulations as much as possible. We have resources being in the countryside and we make small producers work so that they do not close their food businesses. We will be happy to welcome you to France, to our home, in a very privileged environment, far from all the viruses and pollution of the cities and we hope for a surge of solidarity so that our campaigns can relive after this confined episode.


See you soon O Petit Bonheur!






for a peaceful stay

Do you know the "SG Clean" label for "Singapore Clean" (or safe, from a health point of view)?


Rapidly developed by the Singaporean government so that the population can regain confidence in the shops and in all tourist-oriented companies, no label being offered in France, so we, O Petit Bonheur guesthouses in the Pyrénées Atlantiques, to receive you under certain conditions with an adapted protocol, for health security and the health of all. So you can come to us, professionals, with peace of mind!





This label is a basis for reflection that can evolve depending on the health situation in France. We called our protocol "OPB France Béarn Clean"

  1. Your referent is Nathalie Bacqué, responsible for deploying health security measures, training staff, family, and ensuring that these measures are observed by everyone on site.

  2. If anyone shows signs of COVID 19, call the fire department or emergency room and isolate the person. Suggest a thermometer with alert at 38 and above. Social distancing

  3. Avoid bringing in people from outside (craftsmen, suppliers) "as far as possible", ... and applying strict social distancing with employees, suppliers and customers ...

  4. Intensification of hygiene measures in common areas with cleaning done not once but up to 4 times a day

  5. Wear a mask for each contact between  people, offer local soap, disinfectant gel and encourage guests to wash their hands regularly

  6. Offer a table d'hôtes, not really at our table, either in the form of a basket or let you have your meal for two, with the family in a pleasant place where we can serve you, wearing our masks and offer you to spend moments with you, with the distance that must be respected

  7. Wash bed and bathroom linen at 90 degrees to kill any virus or take it to the laundry

  8. Commit to respecting the measures imposed by the government; whether it be the initial measures or those to come





Hoping that these measures will comfort you in the idea, that it is of course always possible to travel, that in the countryside, we are fortunate to have maximum freedom, nature to recharge, without necessarily live in promiscuity.

Our guest house is a privileged place, limited in capacity, a secret and preserved place!

We will do our best every day to make your stay the happiest and most secure


Welcome to our house !





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