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This 25 ha old Bearn farm dates from the 17th century. It is located in the heart of the Atlantic Pyrenees,

2 minutes from   Navarrenx, 25 minutes from Pau, 1 hour from Biarritz, 40 minutes from Bayonne, 1 hour from the ski resorts of la Pierre St Martin or Gourette, 1 hour from Hossegor and the beautiful beaches of the Landes.


Several generations have contributed to the improvement of the estate: the ploughmen, the cadets who left to work in America, bringing back oak trees on each return, the winegrowers ... and we, passionate about old stones, design, nature conservation , organic and responsible gardening.

Fruit and vegetable crops are grown under the ECOCERT label.

You can visit the vegetable gardens and discover all the varieties of seasonal organic vegetables that we produce: old tomatoes, Béarn peppers, aubergines, leeks, turnips, surprising vegetables as well as edible flowers and aromatic plants.


A 1 hectare plot is devoted to cucurbits , vegetables that we love to transform into soups, side vegetables, pies, soufflés, jams and pickles.

We will therefore be delighted to offer you all these products from the farm to our table d'hôte or in the form of baskets.


You will come across in the meadows, our adorable horses, including a pottok, a small horse from the Basque Country. We collect the droppings every day to enrich the land for market gardening.


Irene and Marie-Louis (first names of the two grandmothers) are two Ouessant sheep, who will charm you in the orchard or on the terrace, they help us a lot for mowing (eco-grazing).


You can visit our bees, equipped with combinations, at the apiary at the edge of the wood. A wonderful world to discover in the South West of France.


As a game reserve, so it is forbidden to kill wildlife unless we allow to control pests.

It will be a great opportunity for our guests to live as close as possible to the animals.

Welcome to our little paradise,

our guest farm, O Petit Bonheur!







The concept is above all to produce fruits and vegetables to tend towards food self-sufficiency.

It was unthinkable to open guest houses in the Atlantic Pyrenees, to welcome tourists, without developing vegetable gardens and increasing our orchard every year, by planting trees. The land is rich with lots of clay, which reduces our water consumption. The long-term objective is to grow vegetables between each row of trees so no intensive cultivation on the farm.

Our heart goes rather to agroforestry, this mode of land exploitation. Currently we cultivate in organic farming certified ECOCERT, avoiding to work the ground, all the vegetables are cultivated on hay and on horse manure.

Traveling with us is also living at the rhythm of nature , eating according to the seasons, going to pick our fruits from the trees on the orchard and vegetables in the vegetable garden, tasting good fresh products at the table d'hôte.

Zero waste in the garden. We use different processing methods to enhance the fruits and vegetables we have in excess: canned food, sterilization, pasteurization, drying, smoking, storage with salt, sugar, lacto-fermentation.

Honey on our plates. Very committed to preserving biodiversity but also to use the concept of our grandparents, we decided to repopulate the area with bees. At the start, two beehives, one of which produced 15kg of honey in 2019 and in 2020, four beehives are installed both to participate in pollination but also to accompany breakfasts and the table d'hôte.






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