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well being& YOGA RETREATS

" You have to give yourself a pleasure, even tiny. It is a reward that one should savor "



Take advantage of this stopover in our Atlantic Pyrenees to recharge your batteries in the completely renovated swimming pool (6mx12m), with its salt system in order to reduce our impact on the environment with the minimum use of chemicals.

Deckchairs, hammocks, ottomans await you during the day to relax.

Discover our wellness area not far from the swimming pool, at the bottom of the orchard on the edge of the forest. The beneficial spring water showers welcome you at all hours of the day or night, ideal for soft and perfect skin.

Let yourself be tempted by a Californian massage session or a Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage with Nathalie, in the shade of the fig or cherry tree.

If you are a follower of Chinese medicine, if you want a Shiatsu massage or a Qi gong session, Vanessa, our summer worker, will be able to accompany you with this manual therapy.

Take part in a meditation or relaxation session with Astrid, in the loft or in the great outdoors, as close as possible to our hundred-year-old oaks to recharge your batteries or in the orchard not far from the pool.






In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.






Weekends & weeks

  • Yoga classes

  • Total disconnection

  • Healthy eating

  • Workshops

  • Relaxation / meditation

  • Music / song

  • Tapas yoga

With friends, family

On demand




Our teacher :

Astrid Rioland






"OPB retreats are well-being stays in the middle of the Bearn countryside at the foot of the Pyrenees, in the middle of the forest, to reconnect with nature and yourself, through yoga and meditation sessions, alternating "healthy" meals and workshops. Workshops around the garden, healthy eating, zero waste, natural cosmetic products (Cosmetic Slow) or Do It Yourself with a recycling spirit, will make you discover my way of life and help you to really take care of yourself in your daily life. "





Yoga teacher ,

a very nice meeting


It was several years ago , when Astrid taught yoga to children at the bilingual school in Navarrenx, and Noé loved her class. She came from the Basque coast and had also decided to change her life.

After 15 years of practice and very different training, we were immediately won over by her way of transmitting. Her personality coupled with a zest for life will also help you in your daily practice.

What we like about Astrid is her ability to adapt her course according to our health, our moods, the moon, the season, our desires, our needs, to allow us to let go. and to free ourselves from certain tensions or our emotions.

We also appreciate her softness, immediately palpable at the sound of her voice, she knows how to soothe us at each session, her kindness towards us, she teaches us to be kind to ourselves, to welcome, not to harm ourselves, to trust each other .

We share her philosophy of life:

Live in harmony with yourself, find a balance, stay tuned without hurting yourself,

communicate in a sincere way, remaining as authentic and natural as possible in the exchanges, daring to be yourself without straying from her deep values, taking people as they are without trying to change them,



Anyway, we want to let you know her ...



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